Fun with food

Children love to cook… Diana offers cookery lessons to classes of up to six children aged from five years and older during the school holidays.

A nutritional therapist with a special interest in child development, Diana aims to introduce children to the pleasure of exploring a wide variety of foods.

The children learn to peel and chop, weigh and measure, handle raw food and discover different tastes and textures. Older children are able to develop the skills needed to prepare meals independently.

The day is spent in cooking and eating together, a morning snack, lunch and a teatime treat. Seasonal and organic food is given priority and during the growing season fruit and vegetables are picked or dug from Diana’s garden.


Diana also offers cooking parties either in the holidays or at weekends. Party menus are chosen in advance and the children prepare the food, eat together, bake and decorate a novelty cake.

There is also the choice of a pancake party; children love preparing their favourite filling and cooking and tossing the pancakes.

Leaving home

Young people leaving home can benefit from a course teaching survival cooking skills on a budget. They are surprised to find that they can prepare delicious and interesting dishes for themselves and their friends without increasing their loan!

Cooking for adults

Diana runs cooking classes for both enthusiastic beginners and those with more confidence looking to advance their skills. Classes for adults are designed around client requirements incorporating a wide range of international cuisines and British classics. Hours are flexible and clients receive one to one tuition from Diana whilst preparing their chosen dishes.

Popular courses include:

  • Batch cooking and freezing for busy lifestyles.
  • Nutritious and tasty easy dishes for the whole family.
  • Cooking with game.
  • Gluten and dairy free.
  • Cooking for health & weight.
  • Men like cooking too.